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We are Czech, young and dynamic family type company. Customer and his satisfaction always come for us first.

We are producing for our customers retail furniture, shelving and storage systems, sales systems and shop equipment, office equipment, receptions, urban furniture and much more. Main part our production are design metal units (constructions) or their parts, which we assemble together with materials such as wood, glass, composite and more to final complete product based on customer request.  Also we are producing just metal design parts of complete systems and products.

We provide complete services for our clients. If the customer does not have his own drawing and production documentation, based on the request and consultation with the client, we will design it, produce it and also install if the customer need it. Of course we are producing goods based on the customer documentation too.

Within custom production we are producing metal constructions parts and elements of the metal constructions according to the documentation supplied by the customer, or according to our own documentation prepared after consultation with the client. We are producing metal construcitons, stairs and railings and basically anything that can be made or combined with metal materials like steel or aluminium.

Our strenghts are a high quality of production of goods and very shor and fast time period in the process between the request of customer and delivery of final product.

Our vision

We produce goods for better daily life.

"We try to be close to our customers during all time of the project from the customer request throught the production to the shipping of goods and also after it ends. With each other new customer and project our company moves on", Radek Pala, owner.

Our values


We are fair to our clients and we always act openly! We keep promises which we gave to our customers.


We are a partner for all our customers. We do everything only after the agreement and consent with our customers, we are in contact with clients throughout all the project realization.


Satisfaction of our customers is our joy and that is why we enjoy our work.

Quality and Trustiness

We are a reliable supplier of products and services. Quality of our products is the main thing for us and we try to constantly improve them.

PALMET | Radek Pala

Neradská 1449, 735 53 Dolní Lutyně

+420 777 191 984