Custom-made metal production

We started as a locksmith workshop and metal production. We continue with this tradition of production and we offer customers free capacity in a custom-made metal production. We guarantee 100% quality of our production to our customers! Our own technicians and designers are able to draw and design customers' ideas in 2D or 3D visualization. Our clients, and not only in the Czech Republic, are mainly companies providing and delivering interior equipment, like receptions and office equipment and many other products for clients from commercial sphere, but also restaurant owners, developers or companies who owned apartment buildings and public places and also owners of private houses and apartments.

Custom-made production of metal constructions and parts of metal constructions

We offer cooperation in the production of complete metal structures/units or their parts:

  • stairs and stair railings
  • balcony railing
  • roofing of terraces and outdoor areas
  • construction of parking for cars
  • gravity roller conveyors
  • metal parts of furniture constructions
  • metal structures for apartment buildings - sheds, outdoor stairs, auxiliary structures, fire stairs and ladders, and more
  • metal ladders
  • construction of playground elements
  • construction of elements of workout playgrounds
  • sports equipment - goals, gates, podiums
  • construction of charging stations
  • work desks
  • garage doors
  • reception, counters, shelves
  • fireplaces, stoves and their parts
  • garden grills and their parts