Retail | Design | Fit-out

We produce final metal products for the interiors and exteriors of commercial and private places, as well as just metal design constructions or just their metal parts. Due to fact that we started as a production focusing on custom metal production, the basis of our production is the processing of metal materials (steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron) and their finalization and assembly in combination with wood, glass and other materials, based on customers request.

In cooperation we provide also the processing of any wood material, including its surface treatment, as part of the production of final products. We also work with glass, composite and other materials according to customer specifications. If it required, we are also able to provide upholstery as part of the production of final products. In case of clients request, we also provide assembly and installation of products directly at the place of delivery.

Based on customer requirements, we are able to equip shops, supermarkets, offices, companies, hotels, shops, restaurants, as well as private consumers with the following elements:

  • Shelving and storage systems and elements
  • Retail furniture - shop sales systems and their metal constructions
  • Reception and counters
  • Tables, chairs, benches and their metal constructions
  • Urban and street furniture 
  • Stairs and railing
  • Construction for shading outdoor spaces

and many other products based on customers request.